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What are the system requirements for SETIspirit?

SETIspirit supports Windows 7 SP1 (x86/x64), Windows 8.x (x86/x64) and Windows 10 (x86/x64) as operating system. As a further requirement SETIspirit needs an installed BOINC 6.x or 7.x Client to work properly. The log flags <file_xfer>; <sched_ops> and <task> in the BOINC Manager Client Configuration File <cc_config.xml> must be enabled (which they are by default). Without these settings the SETIspirit workunit statistics can't be created. The minimum screen resolution is 1280 x 800 px, for showing a complete sky map there is a minimum screen resolution of 1360 x 768 px (Wide XGA) required. The SETIspirit voice control introduced with SETIspirit v5.5.0 requires Windows 10 (x86/x64) as operating system and a PC microphone (desktop microphone or headset with microphone).


Is there a SETIspirit version for Linux or MacOSX available?

No, not at the moment. Developers who would like to port SETIspirit to Linux and/or MacOSX can get the source code and further support from me (just contact me).


Windows 8 is complaining about the Sky Map Extension Pack and refuses to run the installation!

If you are using the Internet Explorer browser with enabled SmartScreen Filter a warning appears after the Sky Map Extension Pack is downloaded ("SkyMapExtPack.exe is not commonly downloaded and could damage your computer"). You can safely ignore this message and select action (instead of delete or show downloads) then click more options (instead of delete program or don't execute program) and at last selecting still run program for a successfull download and installation of the Sky Map Extension Pack on Windows 8 hosts (the messages can vary as I have translated it from German). I recommend to use Firefox or other browsers for downloading the Sky Map Extension Pack as the Internet Explorer SmartScreen Filter can be very confusing.


SETIspirit does not recognize all workunits my BOINC client has calculated, why?

SETIspirit needs to analyze the BOINC logfiles to determine the count of calculated workunits. Unfortunately the BOINC client automatically deletes/overwrites old logfiles (stdoutdae.old), which prevents SETIspirit to recognize all calculated workunits. To avoid this, SETIspirit is archiving the relevant logfiles.


The SETIspirit sky map does not show constellation pictures!

Please download and install the SETIspirit Sky Map Extension Pack. The minimum screen resolution for showing a complete sky map is 1360 x 768 px (Wide XGA).


I'm just wondering if there is a way to listen to the audio of the SETI@home workunit file while it is processing on my computer? The actual audio would make it feel more real!

I agree, it would be interesting to hear the space sounds but I don't have an idea, if this is possible. Also the SETI@home workunits are very small files (less than 400 kb) which have only a very short time of audio signals. Update: since SETIspirit v2.4.0 you can listen to the outer space noise of SETI@home workunits using the workunit audio monitor feature!


I get the error message „Connect to Default Input Audio Device FAILED!“, if I try to start the SETIspirit voice control!

You need to connect a microphone to your PC. Select this microphone as your default input audio device (follow step 4 here).