© Dirk Schwarting 2017 Contact: info@setispirit.de      +49 4401 2125 SETIspirit is FREEWARE, please download and install it on your pc. System Requirements: SETIspirit needs an installed BOINC Client attached to the SETI@home project to work properly. OS: Windows 7 / 8.x / 10 (x86 or x64) The Sky Map Extension Pack includes constell- ation maps, shapes and photographies as well as lots of information about stars and a free sky map soundtrack. The copyright of these materials is owned by the original license holders as outlined.   downloads Arecibo Observatorium, Puerto Rico   University of California, Berkeley   National Aeronautics & Space Administration The Database Maintenance Tool is able to downsize the SETIspirit logs, which will result in a faster application startup and a lower memory usage (usefull after a long time of operating). This tool is also available for free. SETIspirit v4.4.0    21,6 MB Sky Map Extension Pack v2.0.0    50,0 MB Database Maintenance Tool v1.0.5   1,56 MB