© Dirk Schwarting 2020 Contact: info@setispirit.de      +49 4401 2125 I'm working as a system administrator for a local government. I have been programming since I was 14 years old. My first programming knowledge I acquired on a Commodore C64 Computer which had a built-in BASIC. Later I programmed graphical applications under GEM on Atari ST Computers (DJ STAR) before I switched to Personal Computers and Visual Basic (1986). My hobbies in addition to programming are listening to music and football. I’m also very inter- ested in stars, the milky way, galaxies and astronautics. I'm married with my wife Iris and we have 3 children, which we are very proud of. So SETIspirit is dedicated to my family (Iris, Marcel, Michael and Renè) as well as    to the pioneers of science, which provides us the possibility to participate the exciting SETI@home project.   Passion is what drives me